Strategies for Seamless Immersion

Less noise around virtual and augmented reality allows for the exploration of these technologies to shift from outsized expectations to solid strategies. The time has come to deepen our understanding of how immersive engagement impacts your brain and body, why it is important to invest now, and what your customers actually respond to when it comes to mixed reality. At XRevolution , collaborate with fellow creative marketers and brand leaders in order to develop a solid strategy for turning your plans for immersive brand experiences into a reality.

The How, What and Why of Mixed Reality

XRevolution will explore the How, What and Why of mixed reality (VR, AR, 360 video) and what the future holds for customer-facing applications. Launched in 2015, XRevolution is one of the only events dedicated to educating brands on the use of mixed reality for consumers.

  • The HOW will come from brilliant brand and agency leaders candidly revealing their strategies for incorporating these technologies into value-driving campaigns.
  • Experience the WHAT in headsets while augmenting the world around you and in viewing the most creative 360 films.
  • The WHY will come from major brand executives sharing war stories of VR/AR/360 initiatives that flopped and celebrating the installations and engaging approaches that paid dividends.

What to Expect at XRevolution:

XRevolution will put you inside of the content with a selection of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality experiences to try.  When it comes to these new levels of “reality“…experiencing is believing!

Industry Insights

Unique insights from cutting-edge VR/AR experience companies and innovative global brands

More VR / AR / 360 Experiences

Extensive and Immersive “headset-on” demonstrations of incredible Virtual and Augmented experiences

Develop Relationships

Build relationships with 300+ executives as you explore new realities together.


MGM Grand Las Vegas

3799 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Produced By:

Marni Edelhart
Vice President, Content & Experience


“Driven by input from top brands, XRevolution promises a unique mix of hands on immersive experiences and insights from the most creative minds in augmented and virtual reality.  We strive to ensure you get the most possible value from your participation at XRevolution.”

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